Our Blast Programs

About Our BLAST Programs

Daystar Foundation's Before, Lunchtime, After School Transformation (BLAST) Programs currently run in 15 schools in South West Sydney. We continue to strive to meet the demand from other schools which have a need for our in-school programs. Daystar's BLAST Programs are Breakfast Club, Literacy Buddies, Garden Club, Music Club, Homework Club and Basic Needs Drives.

Below are references from some of the schools Daystar works with describing the impact Daystar's BLAST Programs have on students:

Ambarvale Public School
The Grange Primary School
Claymore Public School
Thomas Acres Public School
Sarah Redfern Public School


"The talent some of these children posses is second to none. I expect some students will achieve great musical heights in their future. Without Daystar such talent may never have been discovered
and developed."
Alan Caswell
Music Teacher